If you had a sandwich made of JAKE Gyllenhaal and B.J. NOVAK, he would be both slices of bread.

Jake Novak is a creative multi-hyphenate and self-aggrandizer in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Chicago, Jake studied Acting with a capital A at Emerson College in Boston. Upon graduation, he decided he didn't like winter anymore, and thus moved west.

Since landing in La La Land — er, uh, Moonlight? — Jake has worked consistently in "the biz," though you've probably never heard of him until this moment. Chances are you didn't come here for tales of his upbringing or jokes about lunch foods, so keep scrolling to learn what you really want to know.

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Most of the time, he's a writer.

Jake has scribed teleplays, parody songs, essays, poems, and just about everything else. At any given moment, he's staring at his laptop looking sad and confused. 

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A lot of the time, he's an actor.

Jake has done indie films, theatre, and commercials all over the place. His childhood best friend once called him the greatest actor in the world — and he's a meteorologist, so he knows. 

Some of the time, he's a singer.

You may have heard Jake singing jazz in a club, or barbershop at Disneyland, or holiday carols on your television. But he never sounds better than when he's singing in the shower. 

Other times, he does other stuff.

Jake has forayed into directing and producing and plans to do more of those. But if the whole "Hollywood" thing doesn't pan out, he'll settle for marrying rich.

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