Techie Jake onstage and off at Thank You Five

Hiéusz Trần  @hieusz

Hiéusz Trần @hieusz

If you like comedy shows but think they would be better with pretentious musical theatre actors and pretentious musical theatre jokes, then Thank You Five is the show you’ve been waiting for!

Each month, Gabe Gibbs (The Book of Mormon, “Schooled”) and Cecily Breaux (“So Yesterday” podcast) host a night of laughs with original musical comedy songs and guests. I play “Techie Jake,” the down-on-his-luck stagehand who occasionally bursts into song onstage and is the show’s videographer off-stage.

Get tickets to the July show — only $5!

If you can’t make July, no worries — there’s a show every month at El Cid on Sunset. Check out Thank You Five on Instagram for upcoming dates.