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Don't you just love this website?

Yeah, Jake does, too. He's really happy with the fantastic web designer he hired: himself.

Truly, Jake designed this whole website from the ground up. And because so many artists, performers, and creative entrepreneurs like you are obsessed with it, he's decided to lend you his skills in exchange for dollars.

Why should I hire Jake?
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Because your website kinda sucks.

You are super talented — and it's not just your mom that says so. But when it comes to your online presence, even she's like, "Meh."

Usually, the reason why is branding, or lack thereof. Many artists don't have the time to focus on it, so they either throw together a ho-hum homepage or hire a designer. But most designers don't know what it's like to be an artist and often miss the mark.

Jake knows exactly what it's like.

As an entertainment creative and web designer, Jake knows how to put you on the internet in just the right way to make you stand out. His unified branding strategy and unique perspective will make sure there's no mistaking you for anyone else on the web.

What stuff can he do?
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Whether it's a simple website or a full branding suite, Jake is your one-stop shop for all things designin'.

Services include:

website design copy writing videography
logos & branding cover letters photography
graphic design resume design video editing
squarespace training social media motion graphics
website design copy writing
logos & branding cover letters
graphic design resume design
squarespace training social media
videography photography
video editing motion graphics
What websites has he built?
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All of them. All of the sites.

but more specifically, these:


Jake is a member of Squarespace Circle, the cool kids’ club for people who make websites on Squarespace.

Read: he knows what he’s doing here.
…and he can get you a discount. 

What are you waiting for?
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Let’s get you a kickass new website.  

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