Haiku Existentialism


What is a haiku?
A Japanese poem, sure,
But could it be more?

Maybe haiku is
More a concept and less a
Structure. For instance,

Is it a haiku
If it has the wrong amount
Of syllables?

Or if the words are not ar-
Ranged in the right or-
Der? Still a haiku?

What if the whole thing Was written on just one line? Haiku, yes or no?

You write a
Book as a haiku?
Maybe if you added two
More beats with every passing line, and
When you fin’lly reached the novel’s central point
Began to wind the story down in
Small and smaller strips of text
Until there was a
Single word

Or is haiku set,
Always five, then seven, then
Five, and nothing more?

Most will likely say
The last one is true, full stop.
But what if it’s not?

poetryJake NovakComment