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When Jake Novak was a wee lad, his teacher assigned him to pen a one-page short story. Seventeen pages later, Jake realized he loved writing, and the rest was history — history you can read about in his eventual memoir, Bar Mitzvahed at 40 and Other Mistakes.

Until then, you can read this stuff:

Standalone Scenes

These little moments may not have a place in a larger script, but they’ll surely have a place in your heart. 

Parody Songs

There is perhaps nothing more beautiful than a well-crafted song. And there’s nothing Jake enjoys more than taking such masterful works of lyrical art and turning them into sex jokes. 

Personal Essays

 Because who says that creative writing class Jake took in high school was a complete waste of time and didn’t further his education whatsoever? 

And More
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There’s plenty of other stuff to read on his blog, “Why Not?” 

Don’t you love his work? He does too.